How is spouted standup pouch produced?

Spouted standup pouches are becoming more and more widely used for many products, like juice, sauce, ketchup, liquid household cleaning chemicals, windshield washing chemicals, baby food, liquid soap, liquid fertilizer etc, and creating bright attractive packages other than plastic bottles or jar, or other rigid containers. Most plastic bottles are produced in blow molding and then labeling when the products


What is metallized film in coffee packaging

Metallized film has been widely used for coffee packaging in many markets, such as restaurants, offices and household packs. Most of these packages are presented in standup pouches and small sachets mainly intended for instant coffee. so some customers may wonder, what is metallized film? Is it safe with my coffee products? How does it perform? Should I use metallized


What is PA film in plastic packaging?

PA film, in plastic packaging industry, usually mean biaxially oriented Polyamide film (short as BOPA), as biaxially oriented process will enable the molecular align in an more order state, that will enable the final PA film with better mechanical strength, heat resistance, transparency, etc, a better substrate film for packaging purpose. Nylon film (short as NY), is the most popular


What does PET12/PA15/LDPE mean for standup pouch package

When some customers reach the flexible converter for the packages for their products, especially windshield washer fluids, liquid laundry detergent, fabric softner, liquid soap products, and the supplier may make the price quote against PET12/PA15/LDPE. What does that mean? If the customer does not ever source the standup pouch package before, he may get confused with the price sheet, especially


Introduce of most common substrate films for standup pouch package

Standup pouch packages are widely used for many products packaging such as pet food, coffee beans, dry nuts, liquid laundry detergent, cookies, windshield washer fluids, juice, yoghourt etc. Along with the widely different applications for the standup pouches, the structures for the standup pouch packages become so complicated. Of course, the purpose is to meet the specific requirements for each