Innovation and Sustainable

Innovation and Sustainable

We believe in innovation in technology, sustainable for our human life, and less burden for the environment of our planet.


Sustainable bag is the best package
for human future

Here at Tongli Packaging, we make every efforts to move forward to a more sustainable future. 

RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer)

Born to be more sustainable

The RTO device is intended to make the best of the solvents used in the flexible converting industry, and it surely largely reduce the organic chemicals emitted into the environment, and at the same time, make a better use of the energy, for a better sustainable future.

Fully Recyclable Mono Materials Package


Truly fully recyclable

Mono materials packages means all the film layers in this package is based on mono polymer, which can be fully recycled in the human recyling sytem. Usually, the mono materials packages are based on mono polypropylene (PP) polymer and mono polyethylne (PE) polymer.

Compostable Plant-based Film Materials Pouch

From earth, to earth

Compostable materials pouches are usually made of the plant-based film materials those are derived from fiber plant, cassava or corn starch, which can fully biodegrade into CO2, water and other nutrients that enrich the soil. It can be considered as the most eco-friendly packages that leaves no toxic to our planet.


An increasingly sustainable future

Protecting the environment requires far-reaching projects, that’s why Tongli is always looking for new ways to improve.

We are now moving steadily toward a more sustainable future.

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