We truly know the disaster if a package fails, so we are doing our best to ensure a great package is finalized for every customer, in the long-term.


Our Passion for Quality

We are all humans, of course, we may make mistakes.

we are humans, we can learn from what cause people to make mistakes and correct them

We have great passision to learn from any mistake or failure and improve it all the way along. Just come with us


All the film materials, from the start

Brasilmoka meets the highest quality standards in every stage of the production chain. Choosing raw materials is an essential step. The experience we have gained over the years allows us to carefully select the best green coffee beans.

Customer Artwork

Customer artwork be processed in a careful way

The artwork design matters so much, and it will have to be processed in a careful way, to make sure all the details of the customer expect is included in the final print proof.

Inspection & Tests

Order strictly inspected and tested

We carry out a series of inspection and test in our daily QC work, and against each order, there will be tests performed to ensuare the order finished at customer expect.

Manufacture Traceback

The manufacture procedure can be traced back based on recording system

With this system, we are able to find out the causes of a failure order, and try to improve in the future


Following the rules which lead us to success

Everything has its own procedure, and we are following the rules which will bring both us and our customers to success.


ISO 9001:2015

Tongli has achieved the ISO 9001:2015 certification, which proves that our production processes meet all regulatory requirements and quality standards. Adopting a quality management system that meets the ISO 9001:2015 criteria means documenting the quality control processes, defining roles and procedures, solving any nonconformity, and continuous professional development.


Tongli commits all the packages produced will be in compliance with FDA regulations, with third-party inspection available. This is yet another demonstration of our commitment to protecting the environment and consumers’ health.

BRC Food Certificate

Tongli plant has passed the audit ofBRC against packaging materials which is in direct contact with food products, that proves the packages produced by Tongli are subject to the requirements of human foods safety.


Tongli has achieved the ISO 14001:2015 certification, which proves that our production processes meet all regulatory requirements regarding the environment. We promise a sustainable development for both our plant and our customers

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