Our company starts its journey on coffee packaging since 2011 and today we keep the original inpiration to create great coffee packages.

Working hard on coffee packages since 2011


About our boss

Our boss Mr Hu Degang started his career in flexible packaging field when he was a teenager in 1993. He moved from his hometown Yishui county to Qingdao, and worked as apprentice of the operator of print press. After 6 years of deligent working, he was promoted as the director of the print press department.

Tongli Packaging

An innovative company that walks each step steadily

Qingdao Tongli Packaging moves its each step forward in a steady way led by innovation, obligation, inspiration and sustainability. 

What we believe is to create values for our customers, and what we do is to provide reliable packages for the long-term development of the customers’ businesses.

We are doing our best to achieve the sustainable development of both our company and the customers.

Our manufacturing Plant

Qingdao City

A charming seaside beauty

Our company is located in Chengyang District, which belongs to this beautiful seaside city- Qingdao. 

We love our work and of course, we love this city. 

We enjoy our life here, and of course, we will do what we can to protect this place.

We are moving forward to eco-friendly and sustainability in a sturdy way. 

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