What’s the most common packaging materials for juice spout pouch?


Spout pouches are widely accpeted for juice packages in many shapes like the standup pouch, cheer packs and flat bottom spout pouch, which are selected at customer choice. As an exprienced manufacturer for spout pouches, we are doing our best to assist the customers to locate the most suitable packages for their products.

In this post, we are going to give a rough introduce to the most common used materials for juice spout pouch, and hope it be helpful for you.

Plastic Laminate Foil


Plastic lamiante foil is intended to refer the the foil materials that are all achieved without metallized or aluminum barrier layer, with common structures as below.


The spout pouch made of the plastic foil laminates is of lower cost, however the bad barrier performance causes the final package is not able to provide only 1-3 months of shelf life for juice (of course, the exact shelf life is denpending on many factors, like preservatives, the pasterization of juice etc.). so if we need to prolong the shelf life, we will have to seek higher barrier material, like metalized film, aluminum foil or GL-film, and on the other hand, the cost increases.

Metallized Foil Laminate


Metallized foil laminate refers to the multlalyer foil laminate with a layer of metallized film entrapped, of which VMPET film is the most used. It is able to provide good barrier property for the package, and also protect the juice from the sunlight exposure.

The most common structue are as below.


The metallized foil laminate can achieve maximum volume of 500ml for juice spout pouch, as the peel strength is not so great that hold the heavier weight. This is critically important when you decide you pack.

Compared to aluminum foil, the metallized film pouch is able to provide a good barrier package at a relative cost, however most juice products are packed in aluminum foil spout pouches, as the guaranteed shelf life and premium packages of aluminum foil laminate will surely be good for your juice sale, and will easily counteract the cost increase.

Aluminum Foil Laminate


Upon our statics, spout pouch of aluminum foil laminate is the largest item we are producing for our customers. and the most used structures are as below.

Of the above structures, each later one is providing better quality than the previous one, of course, at a relative higher cost. If you are looking for top preminum package for juice, just choose PET/AL/PA/LDPE spout pouch.

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