How does PET/LDPE foil juice spout pouch perform?

How does PET/LDPE foil juice spout pouch perform?


Compared to the unable-to-standup of lolly juice pouch, some customers would like to get a standup spout doypack for their juice products.

Of course, cost is much more important for some small business in Africa market. As for most places in Africa, the average income does not exceed USD 50 per month. you can never expect the consumers to buy any thing that is out of their buying ability.

This PET/LDPE foil juice spout pouch should be the lowest cost standup spout pouch of all the juice spout pouches, and I am going to give a further explain on the reasons and how it performs.


Why lowest cost

Actually, the lowest cost for juice pouch should be BOPP/LDPE bag, however, as the foil is so soft that it can hardly stand well. Even with a gusseted bottom in the bag, it still can not stand so well on the goods shelf.


so, to enable better standing effect, we have to increase the stiffness for the foil, and PET/LDPE is the minimum one.

PET film, with excellent stiffness over other plastic films, and good tensile strength, working as the support layer for the final standup spout doypack, and also the artwork design will have to be reverse printed on it.

LDPE film, working as inner seal layer to form the final pouch. Of course, the thickness of LDPE film can be adjusted to suit the final package. The thicker for the LDPE film, the final pouch will be better standing effect, however the cost also increases.

PET/LDPE is the minimum combination of materials required to form the final package, and also they are both cost-effective. Take nylon film for example, the price for nylon film is about 2~3 times of PET film. So, we believe, PET/LDPE should be the lowest cost foil pouch for standup spout doypacks.

And then, let’s have a further understanding on how it performs.

Standing Up Effect

When we talk about the standing up effect for a pouch package, the first thing we should evaluate is the volume for the pouch package. As the more volume for the package, the higher pressure and weight the pouch package will have to take care of. 100ml and 1000ml surely impose different pressure to the packages.

Based on our experience, PET/LDPE foil can well intend for juice up to 500ml with good standing effect. When the volume exceeds 500ml, the product impose higher pressure PET/LDPE foil can not take care of, and also the product weight is so heavy, that the pouch may not be able to work as a good protection package.

Below item is spout pouch we produced for one of our customers for hair cream products with PET12/LDPE135, total thickness 150microns, when the product is filled into the package, it will stand well on the shelf. However, as the time goes, the waist part of the package suffers long time pressure, and some time passes, it still wrinkles.


Sunlight Shielding Property

Some juice products will have to be protected from sunlight, otherwise the flavor may deteriorate. On this point, PET/LDPE is not the ideal foil materials.

PET film, is high transparent, that ensure it will not affect the colors presentation in actual print produce.

LDPE film, is a slight opaque film with some haze, however when we just see through one single layer LDPE film, we can see most of things clearly.

Image of LDPE film see through.

To increase the sunlight shielding property for PET/LDPE foil pouch,it is better to use white LDPE film that is quite opaque, as below

As white LDPE film is only visually opaque, and can not be sunlight reflective as metallized film and aluminum, as the time goes, sunlight still deteriorate the inside juice.

Image of PET/White LDPE foil pouch

Barrier Property

Below table lists the barrier property of the most common used films in flexible packaging, and you can observe that both PET film and LDPE film are not high barrier films, so when PET film and LDPE film laminated together, the barrrier property is still not good enough for longer shelf life protection.

In flexible packaging industry, PET/PE foil pouch is not intended for barrier package, the minimum barrier package should be NY/LDPE foil laminate.

Bag Strength

As previously explained, the bag strength is relative with the weight of product.

Usually we test the bag strength by performing drop test with the package filled with water.

Graphic of drop test

Drop test video of 150ml PET/LDPE foil spout pouch

Drop test video of 500ml PET/LDPE foil spout pouch

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