How is matte finish achieved on standup pouches

Matte finish standup pouch are widely used in packages for dry nuts, coffee, snacks, pet foods & treats, cosmetic products to improve the attractiveness of the products.

Actually, there are several different craftsmanship to realize the matte finish effect on standup pouches, of course with different distinctive property. and in this post, we are going to give a overall introduce.

Matte Lacquer Varnish

The artwork on the standup pouch is reversely printed on the inner side of the clear print substrate, so when we look from the observe side, the artwork will appear vivid effect, look at the 4Liter standing spout doypack for mineral water.


Matte lacquer varnish process means coating a layer of matte lacquer that is usually with some haze and not clear transparent, onto the outside of clear print substrate, so that will create the matte finish effect on final standup pouch.

Matte Lacquer Print Graphic

Of course, the final matte finish effect will be influenced by several factors below

  • The quality of lacquer, such as matte grade
  • the thickness of lacquer applied
  • the ratio of solvent during printing

You may learn more in this article:

Matte BOPP film

Matte BOPP film can realize matte finish effect on packages and labels at relative lower costs than matte lacquer varnish.

The matte layer is on the outside, and inner layer is clear transparent, and usually corona treated for print and lamination process. Below graphic shows a common structure of matte finish bag for dry nuts.


Video of Matte BOPP film and Matte Finsih Bag

Matte PET film

Matte PET film used in mutilayer packaging pouch is much alike matte BOPP film, with matte effect on the outer side, and corona treated on the inner side, see below


However, as of the difference of polymer characteristics, the matte effect of PET film is not so great as matte BOPP film, and there will be some blue hint in matte PET film, and when the matte PET film is realized on standup pouch, the final matte effect is with some glossy, check below photo for pet foods package that is with matte PET film on the outside.

We will give a further analysis in the future.

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