What is matte finish effect in plastic packaging

Matte finish effect is to apply a matte lacquer layer onto the surface of standup pouch that makes it less reflective, that will help to improve the visual quality for the packages, that is widely used in packages for dry nuts, coffee, snacks, pet treats and foods, cosmetic products, human foods etc.

Below is the graphic that shows the matte finish theory.


In order to get a clear understanding on matte finish effect, we would like to show you the normal glossy effect pouch first, as you can see, below is 500g high glossy black coffee bag we are now producing for our Canada customer.

500g high glossy black coffee bag

Obviously looking from the appearance, it is reflective.

When the matte lacquer ink is applied on the top of high glossy black, and it would be usually called matte black, with this 12oz coffee bag produced for our New York customer.

12oz matte black coffee bag

As you can observe from the appearance, without reflective effect, the matte finish is able to provide a fine eye-catching quality.

In future posts, we are going to introduce 3 common craftsmanship to realize the matte finish on standup pouches, and hope it would be helpful for you to decide your best packages.

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