Inspection and tests will be performed in each order against the requirements of the customers


Our Passion for Quality

We are so fascinated to follow a series of rules and procedure to make things going on right.

Any of your advice or experience will be highly appreciated to make our work going great

QA Report

There will be a QC & Test report issued against each of customer orders

The finalization of the order as expected is always put into the top list of our work. Not only we have the quality control procedure, but all this QC & Test report will be issued the first moment the order is finished.

Print Effect


Print to Eye-catching

Of course, we take the colors and printing sersiouly. The print of customer artwork will be executed in a well-controled way in our manufacture plant, and finally we would love to achieve the printing in an eye-catching profile.



Perfect Profile

The appearance should be perfect to achieve an ideal branding for the products, so usually there should be no wrinkles, no contamination, no damages on the bag appearance..

Bag Dimension


Best for machiney filling

The dimensions of the bag will be well controled with +-2mm for most of the coffee bags, which should be so fine for most of the filling machinery in the market.

Standup Profile

For Better Branding

Anyway, the final filled bag should present great standup profile, for better branding and sale, so so we always take the first picture of a finial filled package to our customers on order finish.

Gas Release Property

Working Well

The degassing valve is going to release the air inside when the inner pressure is about 3~7 mbar than the outside air pressure. If the degassing valve fails, then the whole coffee bag will be bad. So we are doing our best to ensure the degassing valves working well

Mechanical Property


Great Protection

The roasted beans will have to be well protected in the package all the way along to the consumers, so the coffee bag will have to be strong and robust enough to deal with unexpected accidents. Here we are going to perform tests on the coffee bag to check mechanical property.

Labortatory Tests



A series of tests are performed on the foil materials and bag in our labortatory tests, to ensure the film materials going on well.


Following the rules which lead us to success

Everything has its own procedure, and we are following the rules which will bring both us and our customers to success.

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