QA Report Issued </br>Against Customer Order

QA Report Issued
Against Customer Order

A package tailored deserves a QA report before it is shipped


QA report issued against each of the customer orders

To ensure the package well produced against customer expect, there will be a QA report issued after the produce of each of the customers’ orders.

Package tailored against customer's requirements

As an experienced flexible converter, we take pride in our ability to provide customized packaging solutions that cater to the unique needs and demands of each and every one of our valued customers. We firmly believe that no two customers are exactly alike, and as such, we go above and beyond to take the time to understand their specific requirements in order to deliver a package that is completely tailored to their individual needs. So, in the QA report, we will include the essential pictures showing the details well tailored in the order produce, like artwork printing ,film materials, dimension, zipperlock, window, clarity, laser score, tear notch, rounded corner, degassing valve, spout and cap etc.


Test On Finished Premade Zipperlock Pouch

There is a premade zipperlock doypack produced for one of our customers in Malaysia, which is well intended for dry nuts. In this order, the customer prefers the package to be torn in liear straight line, which needs further laser scored process on the top of the re-sealable zipper. And also the zipperlock needs to be of great airtight property under certain pressure. So we took videos of the test processes and included in our QA report.

Linear Tear Test

10 bags are randomly picked up from the bulk order, and we are just going to tear from the notch, and see if the laser score is able to work well, and make the tear into straight line.

Airtight Property On Zipper

The zipperlock needs to be of great airtight property under certain pressure, which ensures the opened package will have a good protection of the inside products when it is closed just by the re-sealabled zipper. And here in this video, we are going to strike on the inflated bags which is closed just by zipper, and see how they performs.

QA Report For Malaysia Customer

We are doing our best to meet the very requirements of each customer.

Order Produce

Order produced upon customer final confirmation

To make everything on the right track before it moves 

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