What’s the size of bottom gusseted standup pouch for 500g roasted coffee beans

Bottom gusseted standup pouch is nearly intended for pack every product in our daily life, of course, coffee beans package is an important application. The bottom gusseted standup pouch can be adjusted to hold from as low as 50grams of coffee beans, and also as large as 5kg stock volume.


With zipper placed 30mm below the top edge, the filled level of the products will have to be some lower than the zipper line.


Layout for 500grams coffee standup pouch


Please note, the bottom gusset is round bottom.

Filled Level

The final products should take up about 80-90% of the whole package, with some space left, in some below reasons

  • Too much products will expand the package and affect the standing effect
  • Too tight package will cause the break of package much easierly
  • Concern for unexpected overfill problem
  • Aesthetic concern

Below is the filled level of 500grams of coffee beans filled into the standup pouch package, about 80% of the height from zipper to bottom.


Video Test

We are performing the test in this video, to show the customers the exact size of this package, and the filled effect, standing effect for the final package, you may watch this video for further understanding.

Size measuring and volume test on 500grams standup pouch

If you have any other questions, just reach us for further assistance.

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