What is bottom gusseted standup pouch?

Bottom Gusset Paper Pouch

A bottom gusseted standup pouch is to tuck a part of the foil web into the bottom of the pouch, and the bototm will be able to expand when the products is filled. The bottom gusset is able to enable the pouch to hold more products, and more importantly, to make the pouch standup on the good shelf, which is a better presentation of the sale products.

Volume of standup pouch

Standup pouch is able to hold nearly all the common volume of the products in our daily life ranging from 5grams to 10kgs (5ml to 10Liter for liquid products). The performance and cost should be seriously considered when you would like to choose bottom gusseted standup pouch for your products.

How to measure a bottom gusseted pouch


The dimension for a bottom gusseted pouch is Width*Height+Bottom Gusset. The size of bottom gusset means the length of the bottom gusset extends, so when the bottom gusset stipulated in the graphic is 30mm, in actual decription, the dimension for the bottom gusset is 60mm.

You may read here for more details: How to measure the sizes for a bottom gusseted standup pouch

Foil Materials

To enable the bottom gusseted standup pouch to stand well on the shelve will have a mimunum requirements for the toughness and thickness of the foil material.

The thickness of the foil usually ranges from 100 to 250 microns, with foil lamiante structure as below.

  • Foil sttucture that contains VMPET or aluminum foil, which are both considered as bone layer.
  • (Matte)BOPP/PET/LDPE

you may read here for more: Foil Structures

Reinforcement of the bottom

For the bottom gusseted standup pouch that is intended for holding more than 3Liter liquid products or 5kg dry products, usually the bottom will have to be reinforced. When the standing pouch drops unexpectedly from the good shelves, it is more likely to have the bottom touch the ground at the first moment, a great sudden force will be applied onto the bottom, pleat and the heat sealed edge.


Below graphic is the drop test we perform for 3L standup spout doypack for liquid detergent from 2m high, for 3 times.


Usually, the bottom is reinforced with below foil structure based on the exact application and requirements of final standup pouch.

  • PET12/PA15/LLDPE(Modified)
  • PET12/PA25/LLDPE (Modified)
  • PET12/Al7/PA15/LLDPE (Modified)

Type of bottom gusset seal

Usually, the seal of bottm gusset comes into 3 common types, with graphic as below


However, the customer is not adivsed to pay much attention to this, as we always realize the best effect against customer need You may read here for more if you want. Seal types of bottom gusset


Some useful option may be fited onto the bottom gusseted standup pouch to realize most potential of the final package, with available list as below

  • Zipperlock (inner zipper, tab zipper, slide zipper or child proof zipper)
  • Spout/Closures
  • Plastic handle
  • Clear window
  • Euro hole/Hang hole
  • Degassing Valve

Ok, that’s all we have to say, and do not hesitate to reach us if you need other assistance.

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