5Liter clear plastic spout cap doypack bag strength test

5Liter standup spout cap doypack bag

5Liter standup spout cap doypack bag is usually intended for packing large volume of liquid products, such as liquid fertier packaging, household liquiddetergent, washer fluids, take-away beer, juice etc.

So it must be an disaster if there is any leak to the package. To produce this bag, we must have a modification material to suit the product weight, and also a strict quality control during production. When you search the suppliers on alibaba, nearly fewer of them are able to produce this 5Liter standup spout cap doypack bag, and we are actually one of them that produce great quality bags.

So, I am going to make tests on bag strength, and let’s see how this spout doypack bag perform.

Conditions: room temperature

5Liter doypack bag with water filled.

Fall down from 1.5meter high, for 3 times

Let’s expect the test result.

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