Bag Strength test on 3Liter standup pouch bag-in-box packaging


This 3Liter standup bag-in-box package is produced for our Italian customer, Douce Vallee, intended for apple juice packaging. The customer is highly satisfied with this juice package, and told us that this package really helps him a lot on product sale and branding.

This 3Liter standup bag-in-box package is of some advantages below

  • Great standing effect
  • Shelf life at 1 year
  • Beautiful and attractive appearance
  • Great bag strength

With this 3Liter standup bag-in-box package, the juice products can be well delivered to long distance customers and distribute national wide, so we will never allow this pouch to break or leak under any circumstances. Based on our experience, this 3Liter standup bag-in-box package can be well service in conditions -30 C~50C.

So, let’s perform fall down test on the bag strength, and see how it performs.

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