Is the rip tab zipper on your coffee bag hard to tear?


You use coffee bag with rip tab zipper for packing coffee beans, right?

Do you ever tear the tab zipper and check if it is easy enough to tear off?

Do not ever take it for granted that each coffee bag should and will be easy to tear off. At leaset, based on our experience, that is not the case, check below video.

Difficult tear of tab zipper on metallized film coffee pouch
Difficult tear of tab zipper on aluminum foil coffee pouch

Not each and every flexible converter is able to provide their customers with satisfying package, especially when you source coffee bags from China. As china is a vast country with many different levels of factories, with some factories producing top level coffee packages for USA market, however at the same time, there are many factories working day and night to produce lowest price packages for the African market.

As a reliable producer for coffee bags located in Qingdao, China, we always pride ourself in producing quality coffee bags, so check below tear test for our coffee packages.

Tear test for coffee package

After tear, the leftover edges will be in a straight line, without sawtooth shapes, as below photo.

Straight Line Tear

so, if you are using coffee bags with any difficulty to tear the bag zipper, just reach us for further assistance, we are surely to provide you coffee bags that meets your ideal expect.

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