How to measure a quad seal side gusseted standup pouch

Quad seal side gusseted standup pouch is widely used for many products in our daily life. For any customer that wants to customize a quad seal pouch for his products, the first step will be to decide the dimension well needed for the package volume.


Above graphis shows the basic measuring of a side gusset bag, with some details we would like to make a further explaination.

Bottom Seal

Bottom seal enables the pouch to be able to quad on the shelf, and the height of bottom seal usually ranges from 15 to 25mm.


Back Seal Pouch

The width of back seal should be defined before producing the pouch, which usually ranges from 8-15mm. Back seal pouch is able to create a round body when the product is filled into the package.

Back Sealed Side Gusset Coffee Bag

Four Sides Seal Pouch

Four sides seal pouch means the four vertical edges of the side gusseted pouch to be sealed, and form into sharp effect when the product is filled into the package. The width of this sealed edge usually ranges from 6mm to 10mm.

Four Edged Sealed Coffee Bag

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