Fall down test on 3liter screw cap pouch for household liquid detergent

3liter screw cap pouch for household liquid detergent

3Liter screw cap pouch is widely used for household liquid detergent packaging and branding with several advantages as below

  • Lower packaging costs
  • Amazing full body artwork print
  • Lower transportation costs

Our company produce many screw cap pouches for liquid detergent manufacturers , with quality and stable supply, so it is quite imporant for us to realize great quality pouches under strict quality control policy.

Actually, our company perform regular tests on each batch of the pouches produced, and in this post, I will just emphasize on the fall down tests.

so I am going to perform fall down test to check the bag strength

Item: 3liter screw cap pouch

Conditions: room temperature, pouch filled with water

Fall down from 2m high for 3 times.

Expect result: No break or leak

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