Laboratory Tests with Data and Accuracy

Laboratory Tests with Data and Accuracy

Some of the laboratory tests will help us to get accurate data on the film & foils we deal with


To ensure premium bags quality based on data

Laboratory tests are crucial for gaining a thorough understanding of the data pertaining to the production of our bags. Craftsmanship can be improved bit by bit to pursue premium quality bags based on thorough analysis and application of these data.

Tensile Strength

Tensile strength is a critical parameter to evaluate the mechanical properties of a substrate film. It plays a fundamental role in determining if the coffee bag is strong enough for protective purposes. Here, we are going to share our test of tensile strength against various substrate films.


Elongation Rate

Elongation rate is intended to describe the deform of a substrate material when a certain force is applied on both ends of a sample film. It is an important factor to consider as it indicates the ability of the material to stretch without breaking, which is crucial for withstanding the rigors of packaging, transportation, and handling. A well-balanced elongation rate is needed for the foil laminate to present a durable and robust bag.

Burst Impact Strength

Burst impact strength is an important parameter in evaluating the mechanical performance of a substrate film or paper material when a certain energy is applied on the surface. The result of the test provides valuable insights into the film’s ability to withstand sudden impacts and can help assess its suitability for specific packaging or industrial applications.


Anti-Puncture Ability

The anti-puncture ability is a critical factor that has a great influence on the durability and protective performance for the packages for various products, especially when the products have sharp edges, like bone products, dog chews. Vacuum packaging brings about additional requirements for this process, as the air-pumped package must form a tight seal around the products.

Heat Seal Strength

Assessing the mechanical strength of the seal is crucial for analyzing the proper material bonding to ensure package integrity throughout its lifespan. Furthermore, it is also an important factor to decide the mechanical property of the final package.

Peel Strength

Peel strength is the parameter to evaluate the binding property between different subtrate film materials. The finished foil laminate and bags will be able to present fine seal and package integrity based on a fine peel strength. Bad ones may cause package failures you will never want to see.


Coefficient of Friction

Coefficient of friction is to describe the difficulty of the film materials running on the fill-form-seal line. It measures the friction between surfaces, such as the packaging material and the contact surface during storage or transportation. A higher COF can prevent slippage and ensure stability, while a lower COF allows for smooth, easy handling. Understanding and controlling the COF is essential in designing flexible packaging to meet performance requirements and ensure safe and efficient handling throughout the supply chain.


WVTR and OTR consists of the main barrier property of a film or foil material, which is considered as the main factor to decide whether the package is able to provide enough protection for the products throughout the shelf life. The foil laminates may be made of several different substrate films with different barrier performance, so the barrier performance of the final foil will have to be seriously evaluated and tests.

Retort Treatment

Some packages will have to withstand retort treatment with products inside in the sterilization equipment, to achieve a prolonged shelf life for various products. Serious craftsmanship is applied to ensure the bags manufactured in a strigent way, and also we are taking measures to perform the retort treatment against each of the orders in our plant.

Airtight Property

Aright property is the fundamental factory to ensure the package integrity and keep the products inside prevented from contamination in the environment, like oxygen, greases, moistures etc.  In our plant, we perform this airtight test daily against each and every of our orders. Here we are going to share some experiences how to do it better.

Pressure Resistance

Pressure resistance test is another effective method to decide if the final package will serve as great protection for the products, especially liquid proudcts, like household detergent liquids, windshield washer fluids. The leakage of the package will surely be a disaster, either for the distributor or the manufacturer. It may contaminate other products and cause more losses. So, we take this test seriously in our plant, and here you may know more about it.

Solvents Left Test

Solvents will have to be well controlled in the produce of the foil laminate, as more solvents left in the package may even cause harm to human health. We take serious measures in the produce procedure to control the solvents, and tests will be performed against final foils. Here you may be able to understand more on our work.


An increasingly sustainable future

Facing the challenges of global chemical polutions from the sky to earth, from the underearth water to the sea, it is now quite emergent for the human to achieve a better sustainable packaging based on mono material recycle system or compostable film materials.

Actually, our company is moving a steady step toward these eco-friendly packages, and let’s try to create a better sustinable future for all of us humans.

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