Easily tear and rip

Easily tear and rip

Make it easier for your consumers to enjoy your products, and make it a pleasant cycle


Easier tear, better consumer experience

It is a wise thing to provide the consumers with better experience when they use our products, and easy tear is just the right pick. We are now offering several options to achieve the easy tear of the packages, and perform a serious test to make sure it works. Here, we are going to share some of our experience for your further ideas.

Rip tab zipper

Rip tab zipper is a great innovation to achieve easy tear and fine resealablility for the coffee package while keeping its original profile. The tab should be easily torn, and a neat linear straight line without sawteeth left on the package. We take the test of rip tab zipper into our daily QC work, and make sure each order is finalized meeting the best expect.

Laser Scored Treatment

The coffee bags and rolls can be laser scored before they are delivered to the customer place for fill and seal. In this way, the consumers will be able to tear the sachet in a liner straight line with the least efforts.  We are here to share some of our experience in the QC work on the linear tear.

Tear Notch

Tear notches can be enabled on different bag and rolls to achieve easily torn for the final package. We are now offering some superior options against specific requirements of the customer needs, either whole beans or ground coffee 

Linear Tear Film Materials

Linear tear film materials enable the finished sachets or bags to be torn in a straight line without the need for laser score pretreatment. It works better for some applications where laser score treatment may damage the foil materials,  which of course would decrease the shelf life of the products. 

Here we are going to share some of the test in our QC work.


Creating an increasingly sustainable future

As environmental concerns grow, more and more companies are looking for eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives to traditional plastics. Protecting the environment requires far-reaching projects, that’s why Tongli is always looking for new ways to improve. Lucky for us, we now live in a world where it becomes easier to source sustainable materials, and now we are moving steadily to a more sustainable future.

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