Filling and Branding

Filling and Branding

We are doing our best to finalize the coffee bag of optimal performance during the filling and later in great profile that assist the products sale well and enhance the branding.


To present the premium quality products in gorgoeous bags

We are outputing the bags in a serious and delicate way that enables the products well filled into the package, and serves as great protection and perservation during the distribtion process. A gorgeous bag is able to present to the consumers the premium quality of the roasted coffee beans in a subtle way.

Artwork Exactly Laid on Bag

The artwork must be carefully positioned on the bag, and we have taken a series of measures to make each order well executed in our plant. Here we are going to share our experience on how to do it correct.


Accurate Dimension

The dimension of the bags should be accurately controled, to enable them optimal performance druing the filling process. Some high speed filling lines may require a smaller tolerance of the bag dimensions, to make the best of its capacity, and we proves to one of the premium suppliers of coffee bag in China market.


Zipperlock Smoothly Embedded

The exceptional resealable zipper locks on the coffee bag are seamlessly integrated, ensuring a perfect look while providing reliable recloseability for repeated use. With repeatedly open and close, the resealable zipperlock will still remain at th prime of its performance.

Easy Rip

The zipper lock is easy to rip for the consumers and keeps a fine integrated package after a long-time use of repeated pour-out.


Valve Neatly Welded

Degassing valve functions importantly in the packages for newly roasted coffee, and each and every of the valve is neatly welded onto the coffee bag, creating a subtle pleasure for the consumers who pursue the original flavor of the best roasted coffee.


Smoothe Appearance

The appearance is achieved in smoothe surface on the coffee bag, without wrinkles, heat damages, tiny stractch lines, fall-off of the matte lacquer. It looks just perfect on the moment when the consumers just lay their eyesight on this coffee. A perfect package will inevitably imply the superior quality of the coffee products inside.

Perfectly Airtight

The bag is achieved seamlessly without any air or moisture penetrating into the side of the filled package, which keeps the freshness of the roasted beans in a pro-longed time. We take this airtight test into our daily QC work against each order.


Perfectly Rounded Corners

Some of the coffee bags may be rounded on the corners, to create a gental and friendlyness to the consumers.


Large Opening For Easy Filling

Some of the bags may be set with a large opening, to achieve easier filling for the roasted beans. However, some bags may be set terminated on the side part, to achieve a more decent profile after the bag is sealed.


Delicate Seal

The seal of the bag is just delicate and gentle, state of the art produce, creating the perfect profile of the filled package.


Creating An increasingly sustainable future

Facing the challenges of global chemical polutions from the sky to earth, from the underearth water to the sea, it is now quite emergent for the human to achieve a better sustainable packaging based on mono material recycle system or compostable film materials.

Actually, our company is moving a steady step toward these eco-friendly packages, and let’s try to create a better sustinable future for all of us humans.

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