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Metallized paper, similar to metallized film, is achieved with a thin layer of aluminum atoms onto the surface of paper substrate (of course, with many variants of paper types), and finally a bright metallic paper is finalized, with property as below

  • High barrier performance against common paper
  • Bright metallic, that can create great metallic background for artwork printing
  • Fragrance protection
  • Better sunlight sheilding

Plain metallized paper is just with a thin layer of aluminum on surface, and also a varnish is applied on top to protect the aluminum layer. The graphic structure as below.

Graphis of plain metallized paper


Generally, there are two craftsmanship to apply the metallic aluminum coating onto the paper surface, one is called direct metallization coating, and the other is called transfer coating.

With the assistance of transfer coating , the surface of plain metallizied layer can be enabled with further effect, like gold, holographic, multi-lens effect, which can provide better decoration and package purpose in specific application. Below graphic shows the typical structure for holographic metallized paper.

Graphic of holographic metallized paper

Read here if you want to know more about the produce process: How is the aluminum metallized paper produced?


Both sides of metallized paper can be printed, however with different effect and applications.

Print on metallized layer

Print on coated paper surface

The other side of the paper is coated with white

Read here to learn more on how to print on metallized paper.


Metallized paper can be further laminated with other film materials to achieve multi-function purpose.

  • Metallized Paper/LDPE
  • Metalized Paper/BOPLA, working as lidding foil
  • Metallized Paper/PLA, then be converted into kinds of pouches and lidding foil.
  • Metallized Paper/Cellulose film
  • Matte BOPP/Metallized Paper/LDPE, lowest cost of matte finish paper pouch foil


Metallized paper foil laminate can be further processed into kinds of pouch packages and lidding foils.


Technical Data Sheet


Adhesion of metallized layer

WVTR and OTR test