Each and every of the film materials we use are subject to top grade for customer application


All the film materials we use are subject to
human food grade

Here, we are going to give a brief list of the film materials we adapt to achieve the various bags and rolls for our customers.

PET Film

Great print substrate

PET film is one of the best print substrate films in flexible packaging, with great printability, high clairty, gorgous mechanical property, excellent stability under different processing conditions.
It usually works as print substrate film and reinforced middle layer in coffee bag packages.

(Matte) BOPP Film

Soft print substrate

Compared with PET film, BOPP film is able to present softer hand feeling for the final package when it works as the outside print base film.

BOPA (Nylon) Film

Intended for better mechanical property

Nylon film, also short as BOPA film, is one of the best film materials to provide better mechanical property for the final package, which can hold more products like 15~25kgs.

Aluminum Foil

Of the best barrier performance

Aluminun foil is usually intended to improve the barrier performance of the final package, to enable it good protection for products which are very sensitive to the environment, like milk powder, coffee beans, tomato ketchup,medicine tablets, juice, etc


High barrier against economical factor

For most of the products, VMPET film is able to provide enough barrier protection performance at the very economical cost. It can also be intended for coffee beans bag


BOPP film with metallized barrier layer

With metallized barrier layer, VM-BOPP film extends its application to full recyclable mono materials sachets and rolls for many products.

AlOx Coated PET Film

High barrier and metal-free

Different than metallized films, AlOx Coated PET film is able to achieve the relative high barrier performance with metal-free purpose, so it can be well applied in the metal detector system.


High barrier inner sealing layer

With metallized barrier layer and heat sealing property, VM-CPP film usually works on the inner side of a foil roll, to acheive barrier protection packages for many products, like cookies, biscuits, cakes, snacks, dried fruits, etc

CPP Film

Inner sealing layer

When working on the inner side of the finished package, CPP film is able to provide high temperature resistance

Kraft Paper


Born to be eco-friendly

Kraft paper is biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable. It should be the most common used paper substrate in flexible packaging, and widely applied for coffee bag packages.

Metallised Paper


Higher barrier performance

Against kraft paper, metallized paper is able to provide much higher barrier performance, and at the same time, compostable, biodegradable and recyclable, so it is widely applied in compostable standup pouches for many products, like coffee beans, nutritions, dried fruits, snacks etc



Full plant-based film material

BOPLA film is short for biaxially-orientated polylactic acide, which is usually derived from bio-chemical materials like corn tarch, potato tarch, which can be fully biodegradable or compostable in nature conditions. It can be used as print substrate or inner sealing layer for compostable sachets and pouches



Commercially economical compostable film

PLA+PBAT film is actually a blown film materials made of mixed PLA (Polylactic Acid) and PBAT resin (Polybutylene Adipate Terephthalate). With balanced properties, this film is now widely used for the inner sealing layer of compostable standup pouch or singly used as mono layer compostable bag.

PBS Film


Completely biodegradable film

PBS film is completely bio-degradable according to various international standards and regulations like European standard EN 13432 and American Standard ASTM 6400. It will eventually biodegrade into carbon dioxide, water and biomass when metabolized in the soil or degradable under standard conditions.

Cellulose Film


Full plant-based film material

Cellulose film is considered one of the renewable and compostable packaging films with great potential applications. It is usually made from the fiber plants such as cotton, wood, hemp, etc, which are the same materials for producing paper.

Metallized Cellulose Film


High barrier performance

With a thin layer of aluminum on the surface, metallized cellulose film is able to provide high barrier performance for the finished compostable sachets, rolls and bags, which can be great protection for many proudcts those are sensitive to the environment.

Metallized BOPLA Film

For barrier purpose

With a thin layer of aluminum on the surface, metallized BOPLA film is intended for high barrier purpose for compostable sachets, rolls, and bags.

PVDC Coated Cellulose Film

Heat sealable and high barrier


Machine direction orientation

After machine direction orientation,MDOPE film is of great tensile strength that enables it work great as print substrate film without distortion. So full recyclable mono materials pouch and rolls can be achieved with gorgeous custom logo printing.


High density polyethylene film

With modification and coating process, our HDPE film can be of high barrier performance as good as metallized film. It can then be well applied for high barrier packages for many products

APE Film

Acrylic coated LDPE film

With acrylic coating, APE film can be of much better barrier performance.


Acrylic coated BOPP film

With acrylic coating, ABOPP film can be of much better barrier performance.


High barrier performance

EVOH-LDPE film, is a coextruded film with EVOH resin combined in the inner core of the finished film, with much better barrier performance than normal LDPE film.



Biaxial orientated LDPE film

After biaxial orinetation, BOPE film is able to presnet better clarity, mechanical property, uniformity, which can be well intended for the printing substrate and middle reinforced layer for full recyclable mono materials pouch.


Food safety tops over any other thing

Food safety is the top 1 thing for our factory, and we will whatever we can to ensure the food safety for our packages, and of course, we are glad to share what we have done. Just come with us and let’s do better together.

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