Metallized Paper

Metallized Paper

The metallized layer on the paper substrate can be of better barrier and gorgeous decoration

Metallized Paper Materials

Biodegradable, Compostable and Fully Recyclable

Metallized paper is finalized by depositing the surface of paper substrate material with a thin layer of evaporized aluminums, enabling it with a metallic barrier performance, decorative and protective properties to the paper substrate. It can be further processed into labels, bags, wraps, sleeves and pouches, which can be widely accepted for the packages of various products.


Here, in this post, we are going to guide our customers with a better understanding on metallized paper, and try to assist the customers to achieve the expected sustainable packages for their lovely products.


More than metallization on kraft paper, the surface of metallized paper is actually reinforced and optimized for better processing, like printing, laminating. A layer of clay coating is applied onto the porous surface, which is intended to achieve a more smoothe and better printability. The primer coating on top of aluminum metallized layer will not only work as protection of the aluminum, but also enhance the adaptability of the inks to be printed.

Nevertheless, the metallized paper we choose comes to the top choice when the customers expect to get the most of compostable paper packages.


We are making so good use of metallized paper in compostable packages

Metallized paper is playing a more and more important role in compostable packages. As paper is considered the biodegradable materials which can degrade under so many nature conditions, so the compostable packages acheived with metallized paper are much flavored in the consumer market.

How is metallized paper produced?

Other than directly evaporizing the aluminum atoms onto the film surface, the aluminumized layer will have to be transfered to the paper substrate with an intermediate operation. First, the aluminum will have to be deposited onto the surface of a release film, which can transfer the aluminumized layer to the surface of treated paper under a certain pressure and thermal conditions. After that, the coating of printing primer will be coated on top of the aluminum layer

Certificates on Metallized Paper

BRC Food Certificate

The metallized paper we use will be able to meet the requirements for BRC food certifificate.

FDA Compliance

We hereby commit our metallized paper will be in compliance with FDA regulations, and thir-party inspection is available on customer’s request.

How to print on metallized paper

Offset Printing

Complicated artwork design can be printed onto the surface of metallized paper with the highest standard of color consistency. 

Flexographic Printing

Water-based inks are available for the flexo printing onto metallized paper, which is able to present a better sustainability for the final packages. 

Gravure Printing

When the artwork is not complicated, gravure printing can be applied to achived the printing.

Digital Printing

Digital printing can be applied when the customer just start up their business and would like to a lower-cost for the startup.

Multi-layer Laminate

Metallized paper, can be further laminated with other biodegradable film materials, such as home compostable cellulose paper, biodegradable PLA+PBAT film, industrial compostable BOPLA membrane, biodegradable PBS film, to achieve the compostable standup pouches. The multi-functions of the compostable foil laminate can meet the different requirements of the various products. You may learn more here about the compostable laminated foil based on metallized paper substrate.

Tests under Laboratory Conditions

Tensile Strength

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Elongation Rate

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Anti-puncture Strength

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Burst Impact Strength

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Sealing Strength

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Coefficient of Friction

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Barrier Performance

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Tear Strength

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Test Report of Metallized Paper 69gsm

Try to figure out the most of metallized paper with the reliable supplier

The values stipulated in the data sheet is against the test recorded by videos, and you may watch the video for more understanding.

Biodegradation behavior in nature soil conditions

The degradation of metallized paper in nature soil conditions is quite like kraft paper. The aluminumized layer will react with water and oxygen into AlOx, which naturally exist on earth in very short time. so actually metallized paper can be taken as fully home compostable material. 

We are here to perform our own test to observe the degradation progress of metallized paper in our garden soil conditions, and you may learn more with below link.


Fourishing Applications

Metallized paper is extending its applications for more and more products, and here we are glad to share with you our experience. Just reach us if you need further assistance.

Coffee Beans
Bottle Labels
Toothpaste Tablets
Dry Nuts
Coffee Pod
Hot Dog
Bakery Items
Pet Treats


An increasingly sustainable future

As environmental concerns grow, more and more companies are looking for eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives to traditional plastics. Protecting the environment requires far-reaching projects, that’s why Tongli is always looking for new ways to improve. Lucky for us, we now live in a world where it becomes easier to source sustainable materials, and now we are moving steadily to a more sustainable future.

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