Color fidelity and Consistency

Color fidelity and Consistency

We take serious measures to ensure the artwork design well printed on the final package with high color fidelity, and try to stay the same for long-term reprints


From creative design, to amazing eyesight

Color is versatile, and creativity is always beyond current borders. Our job is to put the creative artwork design into physical printing on the final packages in an attractive profile. We always have the passion to face this challenging work, and we have to do all the details seriously.

Checking Dynes on Substrate Film

Dyne is a critical factor for the inks to achive good adhesion and leveling onto the surface of a print substrate film. Dyne is not constant, it may decrease as the time goes by, especially when it is stored in environment of a high temperature and humidity.  Our operator will check the dyne level of any film before it starts rolling. The film will prove a fine print substrate when the dyne is larger than 38.


Leveling ink per batch to substrate to check color

The truth is that, the color of the printing ink may vary for different batches even for the same grade and model from the same supplier. Inks, is actually a mix of belended chemicals, like pigments, binders, solvents and additives. There may be some subtle difference for different batches in the long term produce under different weathers. So, we will have to check the exact color of the ink in particular batch, especially against the spot color inks. 

A drop of fresh ink just picked from the newly opened barrels will be leveled to onto the substrate in our plant, and the piece of film will be compared with previous records, that is an important measure to ensure consistency for reprints.

Physical Print On Photo Paper

The computer files such as JPG, PDF, PSD, AI etc can not be taken as the guide to determine the color in print produce, as they just present the colors through electronic screening devices. And different eletronic screens may be set in different parameters by the vairious manufacturers, which will inevitably interfere with the colore presentation. Artwork can only be a reliable guidance when it is printed on physical substrate, with the most common photo paper applied.


Pantone Color Guide

Pantone color guide would be so helpful to locate a specific color for the pring service supplier and the customers, especially there is a large area printed in single Pantone color. For many Pantone colors, the accurateness may be influenced by the printer, paper substrate and environmental factors when it is printed onto physical photo paper. 

We would try to locate the numbers of the pantone colors with the customers in the their artwork design before the order is actually put into produce.


Color Analyzer

This color analyzer is one of auxiliary tools in our system to achieve the highest standard for color fidelity. The eXact Advanced doesn’t just validate the color of CMYK and spot color inks, it can simultaneously measure four M modes to visualize the spectral reflectance of a substrate or ink, measure the concentration of a specific ink, and measure the difference of a substrate or ink over white and over black.


Standard Light Viewing Conditions

Reproducing the colors accurately is quite a complicated work for any supplier,  especially when different substrates, technologies, and production facilities are involved. Furthermore, different people may have different levels of the sensititvity viewing the same color. We need to get the assistance of the color viewing cabin booth with standard light lamp.

Confirmed Print Sample Film

After viewing and comparing the colors of print against the photo paper print, Pantone color guide, and the assistance of electronic print proof, a sample print film will be decided as the sole final standard between the supplier and  customers. This sole version will be signed by our print worker, sales person and sometimes the customer on site.

Printed Film & Bag Documented

The confirmed printed film and finished foil roll or bag will together be documented into our sampling system for future reprints. Theser achives should we well stored in dry and cool shade, to avoid the sunlight exposure accelerate the aging of the colors. Every two years, this confirmed printed film and finished bag will have to be newly updated as the long-time storage will inevitably age the colors. It is an important way to keep the color consistency for long-term printed orders.

Sample Kept Over Each Order

Each order of reprint will be produced against the sole standard of this artwork design, and samples of each order will be kept in our office for at least 2 years. So, the quality of each order can be consistently ensured, and more traced back. The picture shows the sales contract carrying the all the details and the sample bags are documented into this clear poly bag, and well stored. 

Fully Understand The Needs Of The Customers

Even with all the techniques to achieve high color fidelity and consistency, it is always important to achieve the printing against customer needs. That is to fachieve the artwork design printed on the package that will come to the consumers’ eyes and mind easily, and finalize the sale process. Upon our experience, some subtleness of the colors may have to be well obtained at the workshop by our sales, who understands the customer needs better.


Creating an increasingly sustainable future

As environmental concerns grow, more and more companies are looking for eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives to traditional plastics. Protecting the environment requires far-reaching projects, that’s why Tongli is always looking for new ways to improve. Lucky for us, we now live in a world where it becomes easier to source sustainable materials, and now we are moving steadily to a more sustainable future.

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