We started manufacturing of flexible packaging since 2003, with main products as below

  • Standup Pouch
  • Spout Doypack
  • Box Bottom Bag
  • Cheerpack
  • Foil Laminate Roll

Our equipment are as below

  • Print Presses: 3 sets
  • Laminate Line: 4 sets
  • Slitting Machine: 7 set
  • Bag-Making Machine: 36 sets (including Bottom Bag Making Machine 10 sets)
  • Spout Welding Machine: 106 sets

Main Markets served

  • Foods
  • Dry nuts
  • Household cleaning chemicals/windshield washer fluids
  • Pet Foods and Snacks
  • Juice

Take a tour around our manufacturer plant

At the same time, we extend produce capacity to pump dispensers, learn about our produce ability