What’s PET/VMPET/LDPE triplex packaging foil?

PET/VMPET/LDPE triplex packaging foil is usually considered as one of the best laminate foils in flexible packaging, which can be supplied in rolls and different types of pouches.


In this foil structure, this 3 layers make up to a perfect combination as below.

  • Outer PET film works as print base film and protection
  • Middle VMPET film works as barrier film and support bone layer
  • Inner LDPE film works as sealing layer to make into kinds of forms.

Outer PET layer

Middle VMPET layer

VMPET film is achieved by deposting a thin layer of aluminum atoms onto the inner surface of PET base film, and combines the property of PET film with thin aluminum coating, like high barrier property, sunlight shielding and bright metallic, of course, at a quite reduced price, that is why VMPET film is so widely applied in packaging applications.

so VMPET is also quite adaptable for machine processing.

Inner LDPE layer

LDPE film is short for low density polyethylen film, which can be made from many different brands of raw granules.

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