Pouch Strength test on 3Liter standup spout doypack

3Liter standup spout doypack for washer fluids
3Liter Standup spout doypack for windscreen washer fluids

3Liter standup spout doypack, widelyed intended for packing household liquid detergent, windshield washer fluids, liquid fertilizer and sometimes for juice.

We produce on many 3liter spout doypacks for global customer located in USA, Canada, Europe and Middle East (Africa customer may think our price a little higher)

so, There shall never be allowed to break or leak during production and distribution process for the spout doypacks, that require the spout doypack to be of great mechanical strength, and let’s perform fall down tests with water full filled.

Fall down: 3 times

High: 2m

Let’s see how the spout doypack perform

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