Daily Quality Control work: inspection test on 100g aluminum foil spout pouch


When this aluminum foil spout pouch is intended for packing tomato ketchup, it will have to meet the stirct requirements for the customer applications, mainly with 3 points as below.

  • Airtight property: to protect the tomato ketchup against air
  • Water boiling test at 105℃: to make sure the package will withstand the sterization process for tomato ketchup
  • Drop test: to make sure the package is strong enough for transport distribution and unexected drops from the shelf.

In this post, we are going to share the actual measures we take to finalize a great package.

Airtight Property Test

We are going to flush the spout pouch with air, and put in the airtight water tank. A counter-pressure is applied to the inside of water tank, and then the imbalance of the air pressure outside and inside of the package will cause the inside air to flow out. so we can decide if the package is good in airtight property.

Water Boiling Test

The customer is going to pasteurize his tomato kecthup products in hot water 105℃ for 30 minutes, so we are going to perform the boiling test against his standards.

Water boiling test 105℃ 30minutes

After boiling, you will find the aluminum foil spout pouches are well and dandy, and further on, we will need to perform drop test to check if the package is strong enough after the sterization.

Drop test

We are going to perform extreme test with drop from 2 meter height, for 3 times ,with bottom touching the ground first.


Watch the video below for further understanding on the drop test operation.

Reach us if you have other questions.

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